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Welcome to The College Essayist (TCE), a student-run college access organization on a mission to democratize access to higher education and make the college process more fun. We're a group of high schoolers and undergraduates who are here to help you rock high school, annihilate college admissions, and survive the college years and beyond through online resources and super informative (read: informal, rad, and real) articles. Join us as we attempt to give you the low down on all things college success (and life). Sit back, grab some Chipotle, and let's do this.

Our Mission: Annihilate College.

We know college and applying to college is expensive. With average costs adding up to well over $15,000/year, not including standardized testing fees, AP Examination fees, college application fees, Starbucks, and more, we know the last thing you need to be worrying about is hiring a consultant to help you with the college process. We're here to destress you out and make the whole process simple, fun, and informational. With articles written by actual students (yes, actual students) and resources/campaigns ranging from virtual tutoring to college admissions essay writing help, we can give you the real low down on the college process (and life) with a unique twist and perspective.

UPDATE: Our College Essay Mentorship Program is LIVE! Last year, our College Essay Mentorship program connected hundreds of college students and high school students to edit, brainstorm, and write 1,000+ college essays. And guess what - we're back!! See more below:

If you are a CURRENT HS senior (or are applying to college THIS YEAR - aka class of 2017), we encourage you to apply for the awesome (AND FREE) mentorship program HERE. To learn more about the program, click here: College Essay Mentorship Program. Some general things you should know about our program (in addition to stuff listed in that link):

  • We're completely student led; this means that we have actually been through the admissions/college essay process VERY recently and know how to approach it as whole,
  • We encourage all students (regardless of race, gender socioeconomic background, and other qualities) to apply for this program,
  • We try to pair you up (though not always possible) with a mentor who attends a school you are planning on applying to (aka we are school specific - why would you write a supplemental essay for University X if you only know about University Y...*insert raise eyebrow emoticon here?*
  • And we'll put in as much effort as you put in yourself. If you want someone to check in with on your college admissions essay writing journey, hit us up!

Oh, and one last thing, WE'RE COMPLETELY FREE. Yes, you don't need to pay us $2,000 to read your college essays. The awesomeness of TCE lies in the fact that we do all this work voluntarily!

If you want someone to check in with and learn from on how to craft a beast college admissions essay, or even if you just need help brainstorming topics, hit us up!

Resources you can use:

  • College Essay Revision Program
    • Being launched in late August, 2016. Stay tuned!
  • Virtual Tutoring Program
    • Being redesigned & launched in mid September, 2016. Stay tuned!
  • College Search & Selection
    • Being updated for the 2016 - 2017 college admissions cycle. Check back in late August.

Things we're also working on:

  • Interview coaching
  • Academic advising
  • High school clubs
  • College access conference

...think The College Essayist is something you want to join? Email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form. Feel free to check out current opportunities that you can become involved with. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Currently on Tumblr and working on Insta.