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UPDATE: If you are a CURRENT HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR (aka class of 2017) applying to college and want help writing and annihilating your college admissions essay (for free, yeah), CLICK HERE to learn more! Okay, continue on:

The College Essayist is completely student run. If you're crazy about college admissions/ life, love and live off of Chipotle and Starbucks, are obsessed with social media, and love helping other students rock high school and college, we want you.

Want to write for our cool publication or join our team?

If you are interested in, can write about, or can relate to any of the following topics, email us at [email protected] with "I want to be a contributing writer" in the subject line. No need to send over a resume or writing sample. We'll take it from there.

- High school (academics, extracurriculars, life, etc.)

- College admissions (search & selection, application etiquette, etc.)/ lifestyle

- Surviving college (majors & minors, dining hall catastrophes, roommate frenzy, etc.)

- Standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, AP, SAT II, etc.)

- Financial aid/ scholarships

- Career & post-graduation

- Current events (aka you are in the now)

- And being broke (because yes, we're college kids after all)

If you want to join our snazzy team, but don't want to be a writer. Go ahead and still email us! We're always looking for determined, outgoing, and awesome other young people to collaborate with.

"The College Essayist is AWESOME"

Harvard '20 & '15 Mentee

Still want to join our awesome team in another way? We'll also be recruiting shortly for the following online programs:

College Essay Writing Revision Program (recruiting undergraduates only // early Sept.)

College Search & Selection Help (recruiting undergraduates or seniors in HS // mid-Sept.)

Interview Coaching (recruiting undergraduates // mid September)

For any questions, business related inquiries, promo materials or partnerships you believe The College Essayist would be interested in, please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form. Want to send us a funny picture/meme/gif, feel free to do so as well (no judgement here). We're on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We like Tumblr as well. Woot, social media...