Tired of those impersonal 30+ group member tours? So are we.

We know that college tours are essential in figuring out your ideal school location as you spend the next chapter of your journey. College tours are meant for you to not only learn about the physical layout of an institution but for you to visualize yourself as an active and engaging student on a campus. If done correctly, college tours will give you a greater insight in determining which college type is right for you. So, don't settle down for some large and impersonal tour. Get an individualized and personal tour today!

Schedule a personal tour with a TCE Tour Guide today who won't only show you the most important parts of campus, but will also take you around to places you may have a keen interest for. For example, do you like drama? Our tour guide can take you to the dramatics art center! Have a passion for reading? Great! Let's hit up all the bookstores we can find! Our tour guides know that the experience that you have on a tour can push you further towards or further away from a school; therefore, our guides are here 100% to answer any and all questions you may have along the way on your tour. Our small and personal tours will let you connect to the school closely and figure out if it's the place you're meant to be. Don't settle for anything less than a fantastic college tour experience.

We currently have TCE Tour Guides at the following universities:

American University

Columbia University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Princeton University

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of Texas - Austin

University of Pennsylvania