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Studying for the ACT? We got your back! Sign up today to join TCE's *FREE* Community Tutoring Program. Our 8 week ACT Tutoring program is the perfect place for you to perfect your standardized testing skills and annihilate your score.

What we do:

  • Weekly video chat lessons
  • Practice tests (LOADS of them)
  • Facebook group exclusively for you and your peers to study over.
  • Question of the Days
  • LOADS of resources
  • Access to both a tutor *AND* an assistant tutor

Your commitment to us:

  • Work hard, play hard
  • Your longing to study effectively and smarter for the ACT
  • Completion of assignments and attendance during class sessions
  • Interaction with fellow peers

We will also be launching the following community tutoring programs in the coming months:

  • SAT
  • AP
  • SAT II Subject Tests