Oops, so we're a bit late...

Here it is folks!

The Campus Yeller is a collection of current events, stories, global affairs, and other news you may have missed. As the Olympics have dawned upon us, there's been a lot going on in the Twittersphere/ pop culture world. Here's a roundup of all stories from a professor suing his university to Leslie Jones epic Twitter feed.

Eeek, college is just around the corner. In the midst of packing (and stressing, because yeah, school), Huffington Post published the best storage products to keep your dorm clutter free.

Which Olympic sport would you compete in?

Leslie Jones Twitter feed is on FIRRRRRE. Can someone please give her a gold medal for her A+ Olympic commentary?

USA Today College reports that the Yale University building named after a slavery supporter might be changed after all. Let's hope so.

Woah woah, this just in from Inside Higher Ed: A professor at the College of Charleston sues the university over a syllabus requirement.

20 year old San Joaquin Delta College student Calvin Riley was shot to death while playing "Pokemon Go" in a park. A baseball player and Kinesiology student, as of now there seems to be no outstanding motive in his death, according to Sgt. Robert Jansing, a US Park Police detective reported by the Huffington Post.

Think gap years are only for graduated high school seniors? Think again; they're also for college students as well.

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