Hey Peeps!

Want to join our super stellar swagtastic squad (alliteration FTW)!? Here's your chance!

We're currently rolling out a bunch of new programs to help you folks annihilate the college admissions process (and life). We're currently recruiting for the following positions:

The College Essayist Writing Mentorship Program

If you're a CURRENT college student or a RISING COLLEGE STUDENT (aka c/o of 2017-2020) and you want to help your fellow high school peers write a downright awesome college essay, join our peer mentorship program!

As a College "Essayist", you will work with students through the course of the admissions cycle to help them draft, revise, and finalize college essays for schools they may be applying for. You'll work directly with the student on account platforms that we provide to you. You and your mentees can schedule times that fit both your schedules to work on essays.

And, of course, we'll validate volunteer hours, write up any recommendations you might need, and give you a virtual high five!

The College Essayist Essay Revision Program

If you don't want to join a full on mentorship program but still want to contribute, this might be just for our. As a TCE College Essay reviser, you'll be directly editing/revising high school students college essays and giving them feedback on the documents. You'll directly edit on the Google Documents and the students will receive feedback. If you're into writing, editing, are obsessed with college admissions, or just like helping other students own the college admissions process, sign up for this!

No need to video chat with the students or schedule a time to talk with them. So yeah, you can do this from your bed, in your Pokemon PJs, jamming out to Taylor Swift.

And again, we'll validate volunteer hours, write up recommendations, and even go in for the virtual fist bump!

If you're interested in this, email us at [email protected]

Become a TCE Contributing Writer (or guest writer)

In addition to all of our cool services, we're first and foremost a college access website helping students rock high school, annihilate college admissions, and survive the college years and beyond with helpful (read: real, swag-ful, and completely informal) articles and resources.

If you like anything remotely related to college admissions, college life, high school, high school life, pop culture references, gifs, memes, and the world in general (because yes, positivity FTW), join our stellar staff of writers and give us your voice.

We love hearing about new editorial series', article pitches, and the next best idea for a completely gif incorporated article. If you want to lend us your voice and talent, join us as a regular contributing staffer. If you are interested more in just being a guest writer, email us at [email protected] with "I want to be a guest post writer" in the subject line.

Still want to join our team but don't fit in to any of the options above? Don't sweat it. We love hearing new idea and ways staffers can contribute to our organization. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and tell us how you think you can help us with our website/organization/tiny blob of writing on the internet/whatever you want to call it.